Elijah & Alberta Chace
Builders of the Chapel

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Advent Christian Chapel


Our chapel was originally located in East Freetown “on the south side of the Chace Road so called near Chace road station in the said town of Freetown and bounded as follows – beginning at the North Westerly of the said lot on the fine said highway, thence S 6⁰ W. by land of Wallace Chace four and one half (4 ½) rods to a corner, thence by land of said grantor N 6⁰ E. about five rods to said highway; thence by line of said highway to the point first mentioned.”*

The land was given to be used for religious purposes only.  The deed was conveyed on the twentieth of October, 1903, by Charles Herbert Chace to the Trustees of the Advent Christian Sunday School Association.

The building project was organized by Elijah Durfee Chace, with the help of the community building began.  The Chapel was dedicated by the Advent Christian conference in 1905.

 Residents of the community donated household goods and furniture to help furnish the Chapel.

In 1973 the Freetown Historical Society obtained permission from the descendants of the original trustees to move the chapel and restore it.  In 1975 the project was completed and it was opened to the public for the first time at the June 8, 1975 Open House.


*From Bristol County Fall River District Registry of Deeds Book 119 Page 250.Type your paragraph here.