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School Tours

The Freetown Historical Society is happy to have your group come to the museum.  We are looking forward to your visits.

Our staff is responsible to ensure that the museum artifacts are preserved, respected and understood.  Therefore in order to make your visit most productive and enjoyable, the school adults in each group will be responsible for respectful behavior.

Before your visit:

  • All Children visiting should be placed into one of six groups.

    • Name the groups 1 - 6.​

    • Consider ability and personalities when forming the groups.

    • You must provide at least one adult per group.

    • Please be aware, cell phone use should be restricted to emergency use through the duration of your visit.

Upon Arrival:

  • Enter the meeting area and sit at the table that has your group number on it.

  • Chaperones, please check your groups for accuracy.

  • The museum staff, at this time, will address your school group as to the schedule for their visit.

Once again, let us state how happy we are to have your group visit the museum.  Together we can make this experience a meaningful and enjoyable one for everyone. 

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