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We are a group of volunteers from all different experiences and age groups who are passionate about preserving our local history. We all have a love of learning, especially about our area, and learn something new every day we walk through the doors of the museum. We believe this is a special place and that this institution should be preserved and shared with all, especially future generations. As a nonprofit, we rely on our volunteers, members, and grants. We are so thankful to be surrounded by such a thoughtful and generous community, whose donations and support have helped us obtain an extensive and eclectic collection. We love our museum and would love the opportunity to share it with you.


In November of 1967, six Freetown residents sat in a living room in Assonet and dreamed about how they could 

preserve the area's history and character. In 1969 the group realized this dream and the Freetown Historical

Society was officially founded.

The museum started with a small selection of artifacts donated by residents and the Freetown town hall. They

would set up pop-up displays for people to enjoy. Then in January of 1972, the Stillwater Charities Foundation

gifted the first building and land. The building was transformed by the hardworking volunteers from a cranberry

screening room and warehouse to a lovely place to showcase their growing collection of artifacts and

memorabilia. In 1987, an addition was made to the main building, which today houses a meeting room on

the main level and a textile display on the lower level.

Curious about your family history? 
We can assist you with your genealogy research. The museum library houses census records, military lists, cemetery records, and street listings. Contact us to set up an appointment.

Over the years we have grown from that original building on about 1 1/4 acres to the complex we have today. The Freetown Historical Society now consists of over ten buildings on just over eleven acres. These buildings are diverse and represent all eras of town history. They contain keepsakes and mementos that have been entrusted to us by donors who believe in and support our pursuit. Through their generosity, we have been able to grow a vibrant and ever-evolving collection. As the museum has grown, so has its membership in both numbers and diversity. It now includes residents of Freetown and the surrounding county as well as people from across the entire United States.


Our goal for the museum's future is to be a central hub in the community- a place to connect and learn. We hope to be a source of education about lost trades, such as blacksmithing, rug hooking, and hearth cooking. We would love to grow our genealogy services as this is invaluable to the community. Connecting with a diverse demographic through our social media pages is also an ambition. These platforms will help us to reach and encourage an appreciation of local history in younger generations. Ultimately we want the Freetown Historical Society Museum to foster a place of community and connection for all to enjoy. With the support of our members and the public, we will continue to preserve history for the future and know we will realize our dream.

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